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Class Overview

This training classroom provides Skill Development Courses and Individual Training Program for Logistics & Supply Chain. Our online courses & classes are highly helpful to get promotion, get employment and also helpful to become an entrepreneur in the field of logistics & supply chain.

Companies and corporate sectors are welcome to us for training & skill development programs for their employee. We have special training program for corporate employees and staffs.

We have high quality online courses with world class virtual classroom and great learning platform of cloud based system are enriched with high quality knowledge base which helps learners to manage their study time.

Our courses and classes are designed by top chartered professionals and always updated to meet the requirements of modern logistics & supply chain industries.

Our Courses & Training Classes

Details of Courses & Pricing are given below. There are two types of Courses and Training Classes are listed in our Classroom. You can choose any of them. Fees and details are also listed below.

Skill Development Courses

Price:- Rs. 10,000/- (Students Of India)

$300/- (Students Of Outside India)

Course Duration:- 12 Weeks

Online Classroom Available On Cloud

Short Training Classes

Price Per Topic:- Rs. 1,500/- (Students Of India)

$30/- (Students Of Outside India)

Course Duration:- 05 Hour/Topic

Online Classroom Available On Cloud

Key Educator

Mr. AJIT Kumar MISHRA, CMILT is the Founder of this globally recognized Logistics training platform called “Join Study”. Mr. Mishra is the faculty of Business Administration at Marwari College, “India” and also a Logistics Consultant working with his team of freelance professionals.


How To Join Classroom

To join this online classroom you have to submit the Registration Form. Once your application for registration in Courses or Training Classes will be accepted, we will send a confirmation mail to your listed email containing Payment Gateway link to pay proper course fees. After receiving proper course fees we will send your user name and password to join the classroom. You will be able to access only those courses for which you applied and paid the course fees. For course and class details visit our Training Class page of the main website. You are welcome to Contact Us for any detail regarding our courses and training classes. You are welcome to Book an Appointment with us to discuss about our training, courses, classroom, fees, discount etc.

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